Month: January 2013

36 Staples

The Microsoft Surface is like a box of 100 staples, where 64 are used to hold the box together, so you only get to use 36

A Bad Robot in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Don’t get hung up on the whole Star Wars vs Star Trek thing. J.J. Abrams is an inspired choice to direct the next Star Wars movie.

How To Name Your Git Remotes

Here’s a quick tip for how to give your Git remotes a more meaningful name than just ‘origin’.

American Airlines New Logo

American Airlines introduces a bold new logo.

Intel getting out of the PC business?

Intel starts killing off its own PC business Intel has taken the first steps toward dissolving its PC motherboard production. If all goes according to plan, the entire division will be nonexistent by 2016. If anyone still thinks that tablets

Forbes Crushes Microsoft

Sell Microsoft NOW! Ballmer has committed to fight to the death in his effort to defend & extend Windows. So expect death… Adam Hartung paints a dire picture of decreasing sales, increasing competition and poor leadership. If customers and investors

Only 18% of Top CEOs are on Social Networks

Only 18% of the CEOs of the world’s top 50 biggest companies by revenue have one or more social networking accounts, according to a study released Tuesday.

Target will now price-match Amazon

Target will now price-match Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Walmart year-round.