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How to display a PDF in React Native

How to display a PDF in React Native on both iOS and Android

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WWDC 2015 Predictions

We’re only a week away from WWDC, so it’s time to speculate on what we’ll see: Apple Watch – This one is a no-brainer.  Expect the Apple Watch to be the star of WWDC 2015.  We already know that Apple

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Apple Shows Its Metal

Inside Metal: How Apple plans to unlock the secret graphics performance of the A7 chip Recall that when Apple first introduced the iPhone 5s’ advanced A7 chip, it was first greeted with media skepticism wondering if it was even “truly

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Samsung paying for favorable product reviews

Samsung payola in action The close relationship between Android licensees like Samsung and journalists covering the consumer electronics industry has grown increasingly sketchy. During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, non [sic] other than the Associated Press inked

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The iPhone’s Place in the Fortune 500

The iPhone Is a Bigger Business Than Coca-Cola and McDonald’s Combined iPhone sales in the last year exceed all revenue to Microsoft, Amazon, Comcast, or Google. The iPhone alone outsells Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, perhaps the world’s two most famous brands,

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Wow, you’re a real PC.

I think Microsoft vastly overestimates the perception of the term “PC”. In their latest commercial, Microsoft snarkily has Siri saying “Wow, you’re a real PC” to the competing Windows tablet.  I suspect most of the general public would associate the

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What is Microsoft’s mobile strategy?

Answer these three simple questions: What is Apple’s mobile strategy? To boost their hardware sales by making the worlds best mobile devices and software. What is Google’s mobile strategy? To boost their advertising revenue by featuring their services on as

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Office for iPhone: Microsoft hits the panic button

On June 10th, Apple announced iWork for iCloud, a web based suite of tools that allow users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from their browser. It works on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Windows computers. On June 11th, Microsoft announced

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36 Staples

The Microsoft Surface is like a box of 100 staples, where 64 are used to hold the box together, so you only get to use 36

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Intel getting out of the PC business?

Intel starts killing off its own PC business Intel has taken the first steps toward dissolving its PC motherboard production. If all goes according to plan, the entire division will be nonexistent by 2016. If anyone still thinks that tablets

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