Intel getting out of the PC business?

Intel starts killing off its own PC business

Intel has taken the first steps toward dissolving its PC motherboard production. If all goes according to plan, the entire division will be nonexistent by 2016.

If anyone still thinks that tablets are a fad, this should be a harsh dose of reality. The iPad has eroded the dominance of the Win-tel platform and sucked the profits out of the PC business. Intel can see the writing on the wall…

Forbes Crushes Microsoft

Sell Microsoft NOW!

Ballmer has committed to fight to the death in his effort to defend & extend Windows. So expect death…

Adam Hartung paints a dire picture of decreasing sales, increasing competition and poor leadership. If customers and investors smell blood in the water, Microsoft will be the next RIM.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps

A letter from Tim Cook on Maps

At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment.

Say what you will about Apple, but their leadership isn’t afraid to stand up and admit when the company has faultered.

While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze

Well played.  Of course Apple would love everyone to use their new Maps application, and help it improve.  In the long run, however, Apple wins no matter which app you use — as long as it’s running on an iPhone.
I wouldn’t want to be working on that Maps team today though.  I suspect they’re going to be burning the midnight oil for quite a while.

Same Old Microsoft – Short Sighted

no microsoft officeMicrosoft to Delay Office for Android and iOS

Initially, Microsoft planned to introduce versions of Office 15 for all three platforms. But according to sources familiar with the company’s strategy, Microsoft will now ship the long-awaited application suite sometime in October for Windows devices, most notably the upcoming versions of Windows Phone, and hold off on selling Office for iOS and Android devices until next spring.

This is 90’s era thinking.  Trying to artificially bolster a failing product (Windows Phone) by propping it up with a successful one (Office).

Don’t be surprised if the Android and iOS versions of Office are also missing key features only available in the Windows Phone version either.  That’s another oldie but goodie from the Microsoft playbook.

Rather than punishing Apple and Google customers who want to pay for your software, maybe you should be punishing the engineering team that took way to long to produce the Windows Phone, and the marketing team that can’t figure out how to make it attractive to customers.

About those $199 Android tablets…

Perhaps learning a thing or two from Amazon, Nvidia’s head honcho hints at more affordable Android tablets in the near future.

Actually, it sounds like Nvidia hasn’t learned anything from Amazon at all.

The Kindle Fire isn’t succeeding because it’s cheap.  It’s succeding because Amazon is making a serious effort to match the ecosystem Apple has created around iOS.  They don’t just sell you the hardware, they also offer the apps, movies, music and TV shows to fill your tablet.

Being cheaper than the iPad is nice, but it’s not enough.  Until these hardware vendors figure that out, we’ll see a lot more disasters like the Asus Transformer.

Does your Cell Phone need AntiVirus Protection?

Android malware up 3,325% by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

In 2011, we saw unprecedented growth of mobile malware attacks with a 155 percent increase across all platforms. Most noteworthy was the dramatic growth in Android Malware from roughly 400 samples in June to over 13,000 samples by the end of 2011. This amounts to a cumulative increase of 3,325 percent.

Interesting use of the phrase “across all platforms”.  The iPhone is notably abscent from the report.

Love it or hate it, the Apple system of reviewing each app before it’s available in the app store does seem to make the iOS devices generally immune to the rash of malware.  It’s not perfect, and a few problems are bound to slip through the cracks from time to time, but so far the review process seems to be working.

This is where the mantra of “Open” begins to show cracks.

If the growth of malware on Android continues, it will be the platform’s downfall.  General consumers hate the mess of viruses and spyware they’re innundated with on their PCs.  They certainly don’t want the same quagmire on their cell phones.

The day you start seeing Norton AntiVirus on the shelves next to the Droid Zip-Zoom at the Verizon store, Android is doomed.

Introducing Colortoons CHIKARA!

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Update 11/12/2011

We are aware of an issue affecting iPod Touch users that prevents you from enjoying the app.  An update is coming very soon.  Thank you for your patience!

Introducing Colortoons Halloween!

Halloween has come to Colortoons!

Colortoons Halloween is an interactive coloring book for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  With just a touch of their finger, your child will be able to paint, color and doodle on 8 classic Halloween monsters.  From a blood-sucking vampire to a brain eating zombie, we have all of your favorite Halloween monsters in cartoon form — perfect for kids of all ages.

Kids love Colortoons!


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Why Amazon Silk Should Scare You

Fire by Chris Espinosa

Amazon will capture and control every Web transaction performed by Fire users.  Every page they see, every link they follow, every click they make, every ad they see is going to be intermediated by one of the largest server farms on the planet.  People who cringe at the data-mining implications of the Facebook Timeline ought to be just floored by the magnitude of Amazon’s opportunity here.

Faster web browsing is a great sales pitch to consumers, but the real play here is targetted advertising.  Amazon will know what you like, and how frequently you search for it.  It’s a privacy nightmare.

Google and Facebook will be green with envy.