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How to display a PDF in React Native

How to display a PDF in React Native on both iOS and Android

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Best Cheap Headset for the PS4

Quick Tip: Use your iPhone earbuds as a cheap stereo headset for your PlayStation 4. Just plug them in to the DualShock 4 controller. UPDATE:  After hearing a bit of buzzing with the iPhone headset, I took a tip and

How To Name Your Git Remotes

Here’s a quick tip for how to give your Git remotes a more meaningful name than just ‘origin’.

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

8 SEO Pointers for Ecommerce Product Pages Search engine optimization can be the difference between ecommerce businesses that thrive, and those that don’t.  Optimizing product pages for search engines is especially important. Every web site owner wants to know the

Selecting outbound links with jQuery

Maps on Kindle has a great article about using jQuery to select all outbound links on your web site.  In a nutshell, it creates a new selector by comparing the url of the link to the domain of the current web page.  That

3 Things To Check Before You Release Your App To The iTunes App Store

Months of planning, coding, dreaming, testing, screaming, and you’re finally ready to release your iPhone app to the world. Or are you? Before you hit that final send button, there are a few things you need to check: Test on

Google Apps

This weekend, I converted all of Axeva’s email over to Google Apps.  After years of running our own Exchange Server, the time had come to throw in the towel and move to the cloud. So what is Google Apps? In a

How to create unique passwords that you’ll never forget

It’s the dirty little secret that we all share.  We all know that we should have unique passwords for each web site we use.  Your bank.  Your Facebook account.  Your PayPal account.  Each should have a different password, but who