Bryan O'Malley
“…and if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know.”

I think Microsoft vastly overestimates the perception of the term "PC".

In their latest commercial, Microsoft snarkily has Siri saying "Wow, you're a real PC" to the competing Windows tablet.  I suspect most of the general public would associate the term "PC" with complication and frustratio...

Answer these three simple questions:

  1. What is Apple's mobile strategy? To boost their hardware sales by making the worlds best mobile devices and software.
  2. What is Google's mobile strategy? To boost their advertising revenue by featuring their services on as many mobile devices as possible.
  3. ...

Here's a quick tip for how to give your Git remotes a more meaningful name.

Personally, I don't like how every remote defaults to origin.  What does that mean?  Did this code from from Beanstalk?  GitHub?  GitStack?  Who knows?

We can do better.

To assign a meaningful name to the re...

Ken Malsan, co-creator of  the Cohabit iPhone puzzle app, has just launched his latest invention -- PodProps.  A PodProp is a flexible smart phone dock, perfect for holding an iPhone or iPod Touch.  Channels cut in the bottom of the stand allow you to charge your device while it's in place, an...

Ben Franklin.  Thomas Edison.  Henry Ford.  Steve Jobs.

The Mt. Rushmore of American Innovation.